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The Studio is closed until further notice.
Due to the safety precautions being taken at this time, classes will not meet in the studio until further notice, by order of Tifton Mayor Julie Smith and Council of the City of Tifton, along with the executive order by Governor Kemp. Online practice videos have been uploaded to YouTube. Search "Regina Clark" to access videos for your dancer's class. If you have any questions about the videos or music, please reach out. 

We will continue monitoring the health and safety recommendations from our government and update accordingly. 

Much love to you all! Stay safe! We sure miss our dancers! 

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Regina's School of Dance

Quality Dance Instruction

     Regina Gaskins Clark, named the 2001 National Dance Teacher of the Year, has been educating dancers in Tifton, GA for over 35 years. She brings over 52 years of dance experience to her school. Her dance studies include the areas of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Modern Dance, and Pointe Techniques. She studied under the direction of Linda Chase of Valdosta, who in 1960, was awarded a Ford Foundation Scholarship to study with Mr. George Ballanchine of the New York Ballet. Other places of study for Regina include: Gainesville, Rome, and Atlanta, Georgia; Orlando, Florida, and New York, under many of the country's leading dance masters.
     She was awarded a dance scholarship to Berry College, has previously studied and performed with the Atlanta Contemporary Dance Company (ACDC), auditioned and was selected to become a Crystal Pistol Dancer at Six Flags over Georgia, and has pursued a minor in dance. 
     Regina's School of Dance has earned several national championship titles and recognition from highly established dance professionals. Several of her dancers have furthered their dancing career and education, going on to study dance at the University of Georgia, Valdosta State University, and Kennesaw State University. Many have gone on to dance with nationally recognized collegiate dance teams, including the Valdosta State Red Hots and the UGA Dance Dawgs. Many have also become professional dance teachers, choreographers, and performers. Regina's School of Dance has been a keystone in the dance education of a vast many.

     Keri House Owens, studied under Regina Clark for 13 years. She was part of the competitive dance team, Southern Dazzle Dance Company under Regina Clark, which won National Championship titles. At age 18, Keri's choreography won Best Choreography Overall in Senior Division at Stars of Tomorrow Dance Convention. At the Stars of Tomorrow Dance Convention, Keri was also awarded a scholarship to Luigi's Jazz Centre in New York. She attended Kennesaw State University, majoring in Dance.
     Keri's dance studies include the areas of Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Lyrical, Contemporary, Pointe techniques, and Hip-Hop. 
     Keri joined Regina's School of Dance faculty in 2016 and became Dance Director in 2017. She is constantly pursuing the latest dance education in order to offer her students the latest styles and techniques.

     At Regina's School of Dance, a diversified and technical dance education is offered through the learning of skills in ballet, jazz, tap, hip hop, contemporary, acrobatics, and performance, with equal emphasis on each style. This studio works to develop well-rounded dancers, becoming educated and experienced in many styles of dance. So grab your dance shoes and join our dance family at Regina's School of Dance. We look forward to hearing from you and being a part of your dance journey! 



Classes are offered for ages 3 and up. At the end of the year the dancers will perform in a dance recital for all parents, family, and friends. The recital is held at a professional venue with professional lighting and sound. They will get to show off all they've learned throughout the year! 


4:45-5:30     Pre-School Core Dance 

5:30-5:45     Pre-School Acrobatics

5:45-7:20    Advance Core Dance
7:20-7:45   Advance Hip-Hop


4:45-5:30     K-1st Core Dance
5:30-5:45     K-1st Acrobatics
5:45-6:10     Intermediate Hip-Hop

6:10-7:15    Intermediate Core Dance 



$45/mo or $10/mo*




$45/mo or $10/mo*


Class Schedule (Beginning August 12, 2019)

*Add-on Class with Core Classes


Class Descriptions

Pre‐School (Ages 3‐4) Core Class
Ballet, Tap – 45 min.
This class is an introduction into the world of dance, beginning a foundation for their dance skills to grow. Ballet and Tap are part of the core dance curriculum for this dancer. They will learn and develop their motor skills and social skills. Ballet is the foundation for all dance styles. Tap helps teach sounds and how to “hear” the beat. This is essential for any dancer.


Pre‐School (Ages 3‐4) Acrobatics
Acrobatics – 15 min.
The dancer is required to take core classes in addition to this class.
This class is not only a great way for children to have fun, but it’s also the foundation to the world of acrobatics and increased flexibility. The dancers will learn basic acrobatic moves. Mastery of the primary acrobatics prepares the dancer for increased levels of difficulty as they grow.


K‐1st Grade (Ages 5‐6) Core Class
Ballet, Tap, Jazz – 45 min.
This class continues the introduction to dance with continuous focus on ballet and tap. Jazz is added to the curriculum to begin exploring other dance styles and creative movement.


K‐1st Grade (Ages 5‐6) Acrobatics
Acrobatics – 15 min.
The dancer is required to take core classes in addition to this class.
This class will continue the mastery of the basic acrobatic movements and skills. As the dancer continues to refine their skills, they
will begin to learn movements that will increase the level of difficulty and reward. Improvements that can be seen in other areas of dance due to acrobatics include jumps, splits, flexibility, and mobility.


Intermediate (Ages 6‐11) Core Class
Ballet, Tap, Jazz – 65 min.
This class dives deeper into techniques for ballet, tap, and jazz. Continue to build the ballet foundation and increase strength, flexibility, and agility. Tap will continue to enforce rhythm and sounds, while also challenging the dancer to learn intricate steps and increase agility. Jazz will allow your dancer to experience a different style of dance. Jazz techniques, movement, and performance will be covered in this class. These core classes will help your dancer be skilled in each popular style.


Intermediate Hip‐Hop (Ages 6+)
25 min.
Dancers taking core classes receive a discount for this class. This class may be taken as a stand‐alone for full monthly tuition rate. Hip‐hop is high energy and hard‐hitting movements. This fun class allows your dancer to learn the newest moves in the industry and hone in on precision movement and let loose at the same time. Moves and music are all age appropriate.


Advance (Ages 10+) Core Class
Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Contemporary – 95 min.
This class will teach high skilled movements and how to execute them properly. Ballet will continue to teach technique, strength, and flexibility. Tap will reinforce muscle training and feet agility, while having fun and growing in musicality. Jazz will continue to teach techniques and movements in increased difficulty, growing your dancer’s skill set. Contemporary is a combination of dance styles fused together with a heavy relationship to ballet and jazz. The techniques used in ballet and jazz will become an essential part of a contemporary routine.


Advance Hip‐Hop (Ages 10+)
25 min.
Dancers taking core classes receive a discount for this class. This class may be taken as a stand‐alone for full monthly tuition rate. Hip‐hop is high energy and hard hitting movements. Explore different styles of hip‐hop. This fun class allows your dancer to learn the newest moves in the industry and hone in on precision movement while letting loose at the same time. Moves and music are all age appropriate.


To view class descriptions as a PDF document, click on the link here.

MON 4:45p-7:45p

TUE  4:45p-7:15p




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